Public Sector
Public Sector

E-Government, municipal, military and state-owned enterprises require unhindered operation, serving the public, dishing out data and services that are unavoidably content-heavy and feature-rich, demanding resilient and reliable high-load data management and speedy online transfer technologies.

When dealing with public information, sluggish web-application responses can

lead to dissatisfaction, disgruntlement and ultimately to fueling opposition claims.

The trend to frequently carry our DDoS attacks on states’ websites and other public online resources is gaining popularity among modern-day cyber terrorist groups. Forging and adopting new laws helps, but does not solve the problem technically.

Enabling the online operations of governments, agencies, the police, military and other state-owned entities is key to Impletec’s strategy for providing uptime, service security, reliability and DDoS-free accessibility to all Public sector web-based resources.