News, Media, Entertainment
News, Media, Entertainment

In recent years, we're seeing increased demand and heightened requirements on content delivery and data management in the media and entertainments industry. Encompassing all online present global media and entertainment companies, news portals, online publishers, online movie rental sites, social media sites, sports leagues, prominent blogs and opinion sites, etc., this sector places increasingly more complex challenges before the Internet in terms of uptime and accessibility.

When it comes to streaming media, especially in HD, content delivery method and speed becomes increasingly crucial.

The not-so-new anymore social networks demand huge-scale, dynamic and fast interactivity. News portals and online publishers need reliable and accessible arena for their audiences, now more than ever with larger, long-tailed content.

What if you're a known blogger or owner of a prominent opinion site? What if someone doesn't like what you or your users have to say? Alas, this modern day plague can shut you up for good with DDoS attacks incessantly getting cheaper and easier to orchestrate and execute.

Impletec addresses all these issues and more so you can focus on audience engagement, guaranteeing the highest possible uptime backed up by resilient High-Load solutions, so we as users can be entertained, informed and ultimately have our say about the world of today. With us you can afford to have your content distributed globally, fed to the end user with maximum speed and reliability.