The Internet has changed the game when it comes to online insurance services. Nowadays, clients and their agents rely on the insurers to do it all on the Web: claims adjustments, billing, account information processing, quote provision. This is all done through rich-featured portals that require quick interaction response times, transaction reliability and payment security. Customers expect dynamic content delivered over web-based applications to run smoothly, flawlessly and quickly.

Playing this game feasibly is central to one’s ability to provide insurance services online. Regardless of whether you’re an agent or a broker, you want to be on a par with clients’ expectation, and that may cost a pretty penny.

Due to the fact that the Internet and the way it delivers content is beyond anyone’s control, the industry still resorts to using clumsy offline methods in order to meaningfully carry out business operations. And these methods may cost you your client base, which demands instant interaction.

Further, there’s the threat of falling prey to DDoS attacks, aiming to shut you down for an indefinite period of time. These attacks do not steal customer data; in fact they do not steal anything precious from your databases. They steal your reputation and income; they steal your ability to communicate with your online clients. Faced with a DDoS attack or just listless performance of a quote application may divert your customers to the competition.

To safely address these issues and give you a cutting edge in conducting your online insurance business, Impletec place at your disposal their distributed, High-Load, Content Delivery Network, with state-of-the art DDoS protection service. For a fraction of what it will cost you to build your own, our solutions stand behind your service expansion strategy or new business model implementation.