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Impletec's internal organization is centered around a core team (The Impletec Lab) of engineers, field workers and practitioners disseminating knowledge to our divisions and powering all internal and customer-related solutions.

The underlying idea is to be able to provide expertise and development assistance on a multi-disciplinary and cross-platform basis, so smooth and flowing service integration and delivery is achieved ubiquitously. We bring together the labor and yield of our three core competencies (and corresponding divisions) so your needs with us are properly looked after.

For a schematic representation of our cross-division service and solution "assembly" and delivery, please have a look on the diagram on the left.

Arising from the synergic integration of multiple technologies and the coordination of diverse professional skills, our Core Competencies make it possible and feasible to meet market opportunities with the best we have to offer to clients and partners:

Cluster Computing, Big-Data Management and Server Optimization are the main elements in the solution mix for this core competency. more

Here we focus on Content-rich, Omnipresent and Guaranteed delivery. more

DDoS ATTACK Protection
Whether trough a Proxy-shield or On-site Protection, your content gets where it needs to go. more