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Anonymous plans BART Web site attack, protest
- Eric Mack
13 August 2011
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Hacktivist group Anonymous says it will take the Web site of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system off line later today for six hours while also inundating BART fax lines and e-mail accounts. A press release published online detailing the group's plans says the actions are in retaliation for BART's unilateral shutdown of cell phone service Thursday night at some BART stations to prevent another planned protest.
“Practically indestructible” botnet attacks PCs
- Chris Nightingale
07 August 2011
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A new botnet has been described by security experts as “practically indestructible” and the “most sophisticated threat” to computers running Windows, having affected 4.5 million machines globally. The botnet uses advanced encryption to disguise the location of the computer that controls it. It is also very difficult to detect once it has infected a machine. The botnet is known as TDL-4, named after the malware program that it uses to infect more machine to bring them into the botnet. It installs itself on a sector of a computer’s hard disk known as the master boot record (MBR). The MBR boots immediately whenever a computer is switched on, before the operating system boots. Many security programs only scan the sector of the hard drive with the operating system installed on it, leaving the MBR infections undetected.
The Death of a Journal - Who Is Cracking Down on LiveJournal?
- Svetlana Kononova
07 August 2011
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LiveJournal, the largest and most popular blogging network in Russia, was knocked offline for several days at the end of July due to DDoS attacks, the platform’s owner SUP reported. This is the third attack on LiveJournal since the beginning of the year – an apparent sign that somebody is trying to limit its popularity and impact on public opinion. Experts and users have conflicting theories on the recent attacks and on where the pressure against the blogging platform is coming from.
Anonymous creating more sophisticated DoS tools
- Mark Sutton
06 August 2011
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Hacker collective Anonymous is developing, new, more potent tools to attack websites, it has revealed on a blog. The group is developing a more sophisticated tool for use in its denial of service attacks to take down websites, according to a post on the AnonOps Communications blog. The new tool, currently called RefRef, is intended as an alternative to the LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) DDoS utility that is currently promoted by Anonymous as an attack tool.
Security experts complacent about physical network attacks, study finds
- Anh Nguyen
05 August 2011
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Industry experts tended to classify social engineering attacks, such as the misuse of information, as one of the most important future risks, while researchers put malicious traffic attacks (such as Distributed Denial Of Service or botnets) and physical network attacks first.
U.S. Federal Agencies Look to Hire Hackers at Defcon; Cyber Criminals Offer Services to the Public
- Tiffany Kaiser
01 August 2011
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For as low as $5 to $10 per hour, cyber crooks, who are offering their services in underground forums, will launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to shut down the customer's website of choice. DDoS attacks use a large network of bots to flood websites with enough Web traffic to shut them down. For $40 to $50 per hour, a customer can get a day's worth of cyber attacks while a week will cost $350 to $400 and a month will cost $1,200.
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