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How Consumers Are Using Big Data
24 March 2014
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A new wave of consumer applications is putting big data at everyone's fingertips. Large organizations have harnessed the power of data analytics for some time. But consumer services are finding more ways to use business intelligence to benefit individuals. Sites like Amazon, Pandora and Netflix kicked off the trend, using sophisticated business intelligence to understand and recommend things we may like to buy, listen to, or watch.
How Big Data is relevant to commodity markets
20 March 2014
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Everyday we generate enormous amounts of data through transactions in commodity markets. There have been many estimates of the quantity of data generated, the great hype of Big Data in 2014, and how firms should be investing in this area.
Big data: Why 82% of HR departments are getting it wrong
- Human Capital
20 March 2014
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Only 18% of companies are properly harnessing ‘big data’ to complete significant statistical analysis about their workforce, according to Forbes research. The remaining 82% are struggling to figure out how to measure and manage data effectively – so for the most part, they fail to use it at all.
NATO Sites Hit with DDoS Attacks
- Jeffrey Roman
19 March 2014
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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has confirmed that two of its websites were hit by a distributed-denial-of-service attack on March 15 that caused intermittent site downtime.
How big data can lead to big loyalty
- Jane Paolucci
19 March 2014
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By now it's no secret that we are in the age of the customer. Empowered by mobile devices and social media channels, customers can (and do) provide unfiltered, real-time feedback on your products and services. Their feedback is often leveraged early on in the creation of new products and services. Read more at
Big data analytics key to crime fighting, says Microsoft
- Warwick Ashford
18 March 2014
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Big data analytics is increasingly playing a role in the fight against cyber crime, according to Bryan Hurd, director of advanced analytics at Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit (DCU).
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