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Big Data & E-commerce
- Suresh Shankar
24 April 2014
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ast Forward To 2017 Let's say you're walking past a store and your eye catches a fancy gadget that you decide you must have, but you're in a tearing hurry. So what do you do? You take a picture of the doodad with your smartphone, and hey presto, the store's technology enables you to get it delivered to your doorstep in a couple of days.
Does the big data era demand new rules of the road?
- Adam Mazmanian
24 April 2014
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As policymakers wrestle with the emerging science of big data, the White House is expected to issue a report in the coming weeks – spearheaded by senior advisor John Podesta – that will detail how government and the private sector can take advantage of opportunities while being mindful of privacy risks.
Big Data: Big opportunities, big challenges
- Jonathan Nituch
02 April 2014
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“Big Data” has been a popular catchphrase for several years now, but do you know exactly what it means? More importantly, do you know what it means for your business?
Big Data vs. Small Data – Is there a Difference?
- Daniel Gutierrez
25 March 2014
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I’ve been monitoring an interesting discussion on the Big Data and Analytics group over on LinkedIn – “Is there a difference between big data and small data?” It is an interesting question, one that I’ve heard before during my travels down in the trenches as I explore our industry.
Big Data Gets a Budget Boost, But How Can It Help Your Business?
- Jon Smith
24 March 2014
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Big data is a big deal – so much so that Chancellor George Osborne announced plans for a centre dedicated to it in this week’s Budget speech.
Experts explain why big data is a big deal
- John B.b. Freeman
24 March 2014
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Turns out even the experts have difficulty wrapping their heads around the concept of how quickly – and drastically – what's come to be called 'big data' has changed our daily lives.
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