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DDoS attack boots Kyrgyzstan from net - Russian bears blamed
- Dan Goodin
27 January 2009
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The central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan was effectively knocked offline for more than a week by a Russian cybermilitia that continues to flood the country's internet providers with crippling data attacks, a security expert said. The attacks, which began on January 18, bear the signature of pro-Russian nationalists believed to have launched similar cyber assaults on the republic of Georgia in August, said Don Jackson, a researcher with Atlanta-based security provider SecureWorks. The attacks on Kyrgyzstan were so potent that most net traffic in and out of the country was completely blocked during the first seven days.
Radio Free Europe DDOS attack latest by hactivists
- Elinor Mills
30 April 2008
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A distributed denial-of-service attack on Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty this week is the latest attack in a resurgence of hacktivism (hacking + activism) in the Internet underground, a security researcher says. The attack knocked out or interrupted eight RFL/RL sites, starting with Belarus and including Kosovo, Russia, and Azerbaijan, according to the news agency\'s Web site. At one point the Web sites were getting up to 50,000 fake hits per second from other machines. The attack started on April 26, the 22nd anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear accident and RFE/RL was going to be covering demonstrators protesting over lack of compensation for victims and the government\'s plan to build a new nuclear power station. Read more:
Science council approves big-data privacy report
01 January 1970
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Looking for new ways to build privacy protections into IT systems, the White House will publish its "Big Data and Privacy: A Technological Perspective" in the coming days after the report was approved at an April 30 meeting of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.
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