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Big data breaches reel in treasure trove for hackers
- Andrea Shalal
07 June 2015
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A massive breach of U.S. federal computer networks disclosed this week is the latest in a flood of attacks by suspected Chinese hackers aimed at grabbing personal data, industrial secrets and weapons plans from government and private computers.
Cloud-Based Application Delivery: Who’s Leading the Way?
- Tracy Vides
26 April 2015
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Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) provide load balancing, acceleration, traffic shaping and other services that improve the performance, availability and security of web applications. ADCs have traditionally come in the form of appliances, however a new type of service, known as the Application Delivery cloud is now emerging.
Active DoS Exploits for MS15-034 Under Way
- Michael Mimoso
18 April 2015
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In the three days since the bulletin was released warning of a critical vulnerability in the HTTP protocol stack, HTTP.sys, security experts, including the SANS Institute, have warned of publicly available denial-of-service exploits targeting Microsoft IIS webservers. There’s also the possibility of information leakage via this issue that could pave the way for more serious attacks, but for now, a crashing and rebooting IIS server might be your only sign of trouble.
Attacks against industrial control systems double
- Maria Korolov
17 April 2015
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"We have over a million firewalls sending data to us on a minute-by-minute basis," said John Gordineer, director of product marketing for network security at Dell. "We anonymize the data and see interesting trends."
FFIEC to Update Cybersecurity Guidance
- Tracy Kitten and Jeffrey Roman
06 November 2014
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As a result of its recent cybersecurity assessments of more than 500 community banks, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council will review and update guidance to help banking institutions address changing cyber-risks. The FFIEC, which comprises several U.S. banking regulators, says the financial infrastructure's interconnectedness and increasing reliance on Internet-based systems and servers has opened the door for new cyberthreats.
Big Data vs. Privacy
04 November 2014
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Big data is a concept that’s reshaping how companies and governments do business. What it means for privacy can be tough to understand. To get a clearer picture, The Wall Street Journal’s Jonathan Krim spoke with two executives on the leading edge of data analytics: Alex Karp, co-founder and chief executive of Palantir Technologies, which originally focused on using data to track terrorists and has now spread into many other fields, and Kira Radinsky, chief technology officer and co-founder of SalesPredict, which crunches data about a business’s customers to help them optimize sales.
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