Impletec Lab

The main practical and theoretical effort at research, analysis, design, development, testing and improving Impletec technology is concentrated at Impletec Lab - a kernel division of our company.

The lab ensures we're on top of all any issues, developments and customer requirements trends at all times. The "Kitchen" as we call it, brings together our top researchers' talent and skill, with developers and hardware engineers working for a synergic output that's in sync with today's demands for reliable and fast delivery

of content in the Cloud, effective DDoS attack protection, big data management and other High-Load network challenges that will enable your business to grow at the pace it ought to.

The lab is central to the effective and timely provision of several services and solutions that draw an our core competencies and represent our collective effort in bringing our state-of-the-art technology to the public and our partners:

Bepoke Integration
Network Engineering
Consulting and Audit
Blackbox Load Testing
24/7 Maintenance and Support
Network engineering is increasingly proving to be crucial to a company's successful operations. Serving as the communication backbone, not only in your internal operations and structure, but also with the rest of the world, and especially your clients, your network's performance is of critical importance to achieving your business goals, both internally and externally.
Not having the right network infrastructure can hinder your growth and can ultimately lead to customer dissatisfaction. Impletec offers expert implementation services that help you achieve optimal deployment of Business Intelligence platforms and technologies and Business Process Management systems. We architect, build and support solutions on both UNIX and Windows platforms.
What's on offer

Impletec offers comprehensive network engineering services. Our team of specialists in network security, data systems, network analysis, network support and systems analysis will evaluate and cater to your needs through all stages in building your network - hardware sizing and configuration, technical systems review and assessment, system architecture and network design, software installation and upgrades, data ETL optimization, technical knowledge transfer to IT personnel, on-site or remote technical support, disaster recovery planning, etc.

When it comes to network engineering services and technologies, Impletec offer a personalized approach to customer's needs, ensuring tailored high-performance for manufacturer, distributor, reseller and end-user experience.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise stemming from dealing with a multitude of industries provides single-source, end-to-end professional and managed solutions: from network design to remote, on-site service as well as logistical support and optimization service.

to customers demanding complex voice, data and video and other infrastructures with sufficient capacity and flexibility.

Our watchword: 24/7/356 support and world-class customer service with cost-effective installation and professionally managed services that include: Design & Engineering, Project Management, Installation Services, Maintenance Support, Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM), Monitoring and others.

In order to plan the procurement of any effective High-Load Solutions, or to simply establish the need for such, it is a good practice to perform blackbox load testing of relevant application blocks. That will give you valuable simulated end-user experience data that can be used to further application improvements or redistribute critical loads more efficiently.
After all requirements and functional specifications are available one should start to plan using sample applications to integrate and test the application block to blackbox tests. Impletec performs and offers facilities that you can use for load testing to analyze the application block behavior under normal and peak load conditions.
What's on offer

Impletec Lab offers the required infrastructure and capacities for blackbox load testing, so you can to verify the application block's ability to meet the desired performance and resource allocation objectives as well as observe the allocated budget for memory, processor, and network resource usage.

Especially when dealing with web server loads, the performance objectives can be vital and require special attention. Following the requirements phase and early design of the application life cycle, all performance objectives, resource budget data, key usage scenarios, and so on, are captured as a part of the performance modeling and analysis process.

Workload Testing is important when the application block is to be integrated with a server-based user

needs. Throughput counters can sufficiently optimize your expense chart with any cloud solution that's being offered.

Getting the most out of your Resource utilization budget can be a decisive factor in making a purchasing decision for a cloud high-load solution. Here one can specify and test for the allowed number of concurrent users that should be supported by the application block for a particular operation.

Response time, measured in terms of Time to First Byte (TTFB) and Time to Last Byte (TTLB) will determine the time it takes to respond to a request for the peak targeted workload on the server. The response time can be measured in terms. Server load

and network bandwidth are measured within Impletec's infrastructure to determine best peak allowances and flawless application block operation.

Throughput or the number of requests that are to be served by the application within a time unit, can be analyzed and shaped to cost-effectively address critical resources, such as CPU, memory, disk I/O, and network I/O come into play, blackbox load testing can help one do the math and decide if they need cloud or own, in-house solutions.

Through blackbox load testing, Impletec helps clients determine what the most cost-effective way to go in launching a web server application block is, allowing for adequate and sufficient end-user-satisfactory performance criteria to be met.

Impletec core competencies and expertise fuel our consulting and audit services. We carry out extensive network and system audits to aid our clients in pro-actively managing technological change and facing challenges adequately. The audits result in providing comprehensive measures aimed at increasing stability, optimizing performance, and overall readiness for future growth.
Impletec is not affiliated with any specific suppliers or vendors, so we are in a position to objectively and cost-effectively help clients design, build or procure the necessary solutions and services. Our team of skilled and experienced consultants and engineers are at your disposal to help manage your company's technological evolution.
Service Scope

Impletec offers a range of consulting and audit services that fall within the standard categories as listed below. Please reach out to us if you require services that are not listed here.

  • High-Load Solution requirements assessment and workflow/process planning and design
  • CDN requirements evaluation and expansion planning
  • Network equipment and security audits, including preparedness for handling DDoS attacks
  • Network systems planning and purchase assistance
  • Supplier evaluations
  • Contract negotiations
  • Network engineering design and implementation

Why us

With us you can outsource required technological growth – so you can focus on your core business.

Your requirements are given priority, technology follows suit, and not the other way around.

Advances tools for requirements gathering and analysis developed in-house and employed by a skilled team of experts.

Proven track record - years of industry experience and technical expertise, we deliver results quickly and positively and effectively impact your state of affairs.

We are independent consultants who will provide you with objective analysis and recommendations,

based on industry-wide knowledge and experience, and non-affiliation with specific vendors or service providers.

Cost minimization and effectiveness is at the heart of all we do, so you don’t pay more than you have to.

We keep track of and are well aware of today’s unprecedented rate of mergers and acquisitions in technology companies, so you get only current information reflecting what the market has to offer today.

With changing standards and rapid technology advancements, we keep abreast and tune your systems to reflect a changing world.

Today, system integration is superseded by service integration. Orchestrating all external and internal cogs and wheels is a task that requires serious attention, expertise and in-depth knowledge. Impletec's integration team plays a key role in transforming the component service from being disjointed, thus tuning your IT systems to be business relevant, enabling and seamless.
As more and more companies turn to multi-vendor models to get the most from best-of-breed suppliers and create flexibility to respond to ever changing business needs, Impletec comes in to help mesh these services together, so CIO's can concentrate their stretched resources on the business need while taking advantage of the industry expertise and influence to make IT better and more relevant.

On the surface, service integration seems a straight forward process, yet when it comes to practical implementation it evokes endless discussions on how it will actually work, thus the need for clearly defined and supplier-agnostic integration arises to provide for the client and not just the vendor.

Impletec are an accountable, objective and cost-effective integrator looking after your needs instead of trying to sell you more of what you practically may not need.

We believe in open, joint governance with clear accountabilities, responsibilities and measurable outcomes, which make this a win-win instead of a win-lose endeavor.

The ultimate purpose of any integration is the value added, the long-term savings, the sustained, feasible and continuous improvement, so you support the ever changing business needs plus achieve significant strengthening of the bond between IT and business in the client.

With integration, one must go beyond the hard measures and indicators: incident volumes, improvement initiative trackers etc.

When the dust has settled down, what the business says about the new toys it has to play with is what really matters. Impletec strives for successful implementation of service integrations where it will result in new, seamlessly working, business relevant, high performing services, with a high degree of flexibility.

Few would argue against the importance of good 24/7 support. Even fewer would not rejoice to find their supplier offers 24/7/ Level1, 2 and 3 support. Whether you're dealing with a web host to store your new website or a complex cloud-based solution supplier, there is one feature you should always look out for – support.

Although usually not an immediate need, and thus overlooked by many, support is probably the one factor that will increase/decrease your customer satisfaction level in any online business.
Impletec places support provision utmost weight and approaches clients' feedback and communication needs by ever-enriching our knowledge base, bettering response methods and employing the latest state-of-the-art technologies to ensure unsurpassed reply times and response adequacy.

Within the Lab, a core team of customer care experts and engineers constantly monitor our support provision, directing and effecting necessary adjustments and controlling the entire operation of our dedicated support team.