High-load Solutions

Your business is growing, and so are your IT needs. You have application blocks that need more and more computing power or you have to deal with enormous amounts of data that are becoming unmanageable with standard tools and hardware. You need powerful solutions and techniques that are able to adequately tackle ever increasing workloads, big data real-time delivery and other high load concerns.

With critical applications driving higher loads and big data delivery and processing requirements, you need a strategy developed specifically to address these IT challenges. What comes into play? Robust, flexible and scalable cluster stacks engineered to provide effective load balancing; top-of-the-range hardware and software data management tools that provide accelerated reliability and speed; bandwidth capacities to ensure data-intensive and content-rich delivery, and last but not least, highly-qualified personnel available 24/7/365 to provide the human touch and stand sentinel to service continuity.

Some, or all of these new and costly elements may not be readily available and budgeted for internally in your company, so it makes sense to talk to us. Impletec offers clusters that are seamlessly designed to continuously process and manage the stacking bundle of workloads. With globally distributed data delivery facilities, your end users communicate with the repository that is geographically closest and experience real-time or near-real-time transfers and interaction.

For each of our clients individually, Impletec designs, implements and maintains optimal time and resource utilization to provide you with a well-tuned platform for your vital applications. We understand how critical cluster administration can be and that it often demands comprehensive industry experience and knowledge, so if you ever need a hand with outsourced server management and optimization, we are here to consult you and offer you the expertise of our proficient and vetted system architects and top-notch engineers.

Cluster Computing
Big-Data Management
Server Management
Big data has always posed a challenge when it comes to capture, storage, search, sharing and delivery, analytics and visualizing. Due to the sheer size of the datasets, growing exponentially, usually being in order of terabytes, exabytes, zettabytes, big data places serious requirements to a number of traditional spheres of origin and application: biological and environmental research, complex physics simulations, Internet search, finance and business informatics, legal information systems, e-government, meteorology, genomics, communication performance data gathering.
In today’s world, big data also is accumulating fast through data collection from all kinds of monitoring systems, ranging from traffic control systems through nature-watch sensor networks to Internet usage data collection. Statistics show that, since 1983, the per capita technological ability to store data has doubled every 3 years worldwide. 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data come into play every day, making the task of big data management even more complex. Special technology is needed, involving advanced network engineering, evolved storage systems and channels that are on a par with real-time delivery requirements.

Simple data management tools just won’t cut it when one has to deal with big data. In order to timely and efficiently process huge quantities of data, one needs to resort to technologies that are designed and built for such loads: distributed databases, distributed file systems, spatial data-mining grid service infrastructures, massively parallel processing databases, scalable storage systems, cluster computing platforms, etc.

Why Us

With powerful SAN/NAS and software solutions, Impletec offers big data analytics cloud solutions that provide real or near-real time data delivery globally, with minimum possible latency and scalable on-demand capacity for adequate and cost-effective response to the ever-growing needs of big data users.

Existing, future and emerging complex problem-

solving environments with increasing amounts of digital data can benefit from our big data solutions and meet their rising demands for coordinated resource sharing across geographically dispersed sites.

Our server management experience comes into play whenever you decide to outsource your Business IT Support Services, Server Support and Server Administration. Impletec comes to the rescue – 24/7/365, reliably, securely and cost-effectively.

You can be freed of the headaches and staff requirements of managing your IT infrastructure. We will be your partner in providing support and administration of servers, applications, and your overall network.

Our management services provision is based on a strong foundation of technology, people, and processes. Constant proactive preventive maintenance of systems will minimize your downtime and help maintain a healthy network for your business’ unhindered operation.

Through incessant monitoring, in real time, Impletec is able, in most cases, to detect and fix issues even before they impact the availability and performance of core business applications.

Load balancing and high availability requirements have been the major drivers behind using cluster computing since the 1980’s, when the first such environments were deployed. Clusters are formed through interconnecting multiple devices, such as nodes (servers) and data storage units to form what appears to the outside world as a single system.
Modern cluster and grid computing relies on efficient algorithms and architectures to ensure delivery of cost-effective business continuity, often with extreme capacities. Further, these specially engineered systems need to provide application cluster computing technology that enables organizations running high-load critical applications to deliver high availability and continuous uptime for data, plus the flexibility and capacity they need to remain competitive.

Apart from the obvious pluses of employing cluster to improve availability and load balancing for critical applications within your company, you should also consider the following important benefits of Cluster Computing:

  • Cluster computing minimizes risks associated with ensured continued availability and performance of critical application through deployment of tailor-engineered and optimized virtualization and redundant interconnection
  • Often proves to be a truly cost-effective alternative to purchasing single units of the same or equal computational power. Cluster solutions can sometimes be deployed on relatively inexpensive servers, thus lowering hardware overhead costs even more
  • By design, clusters are flexible and scalable, thus maximizing transparent growth processes, without disrupting the operational performance of the whole system and adequately catering to ever changing workload needs
Why Us

Impletec offers server-based cluster solutions powered by the latest, provably resilient and robust engineered hardware systems and come backed up by our reputation for service excellence. As our clients’ needs in technical support differ, we offer specifically negotiated Service Level Agreements (SLA) to adhere and better capture these needs.

Our clients benefit from bespoke SLA covered cluster computing plans to ensure your peace of mind for operational continuity, high availability and load balancing.