DDoS Protection

Have you seen headlines like this one recently: Prominent business’ website brought to a halt by hackers? What’s behind a headline like that is most probably a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter if you think you’re an unlikely target for a DDoS attack. No business is too small, too irrelevant, too unlikely or simply not interesting to become the next headline nowadays. The real question here is, are you prepared and how?

You've invested time and cash in building a working system and your customers expect to be able to receive your service in an uninterrupted fashion. Yet, there are thugs out there that mean you harm and the bad news is DDoS attacks are getting constantly cheaper (as low as $5/hour!) and easier to deploy. Further, DDoS is hard to detect and highly effective. By leveraging the attack power and frequency produced by networks of thousands of compromised machines (botnets), attackers can effectively shut you down, and because botnets are for sale, they can do it for as little as $100 per flood. By mimicking normal connection requests and sending packets like the ones generated by legitimate users and applications, DDoS attacks conceal themselves to look like usual day-to-day traffic.

DDoS can be fueled by financial reasons or pure ideology. The first is usually driven by extortion or competition. Seeking to obtain unfair business advantage powers the competition attacks, while the extortion based ones seek ransom in return for restored operability of a web site, for example. Ideological attacks can be the most devastating and powerful, as the bottom line typically doesn't have bearing on the attacking party’s willingness to bring you down.

While a DDoS attack can cost you significant revenue or reputation loss, it may be even more costly to attempt meaningful protection on your own. Considerable investments in network engineering, bandwidth allocations, software/hardware protection stacks and trained staff come into play, so for the bigger part it’s better to outsource the protection and procure it from companies that are specialized in doing just that, and offer you their services with an adequate SLA.

Impletec offers comprehensive DDoS protection services and products, built to protect your enterprise that tie in nicely with our other offerings in Content Delivery and High-Load Solutions to form a guarantee for your investment in service provision.

Proxy-Shield Protection
On-Site Protection
There are situations and scenarios, where an organization will not or cannot use an external service to filter malicious traffic and mitigate DDoS attacks. The fact that their traffic goes to an external Data Center (DC) for scrubbing and then enters the organization’s network may constitute a breach of this organization’s internal data security regulations and may not be viewed as politically correct from a strategic point of view.

Standard proxy-shield protection services for such organizations are largely inappropriate and sometimes merely impossible.

Due to establishment specifics and data security requirements that govern in your organization, you may require special “in-house” protection setups, where the entire protection solution stack is located within your own facility, serviced and maintained by your own trained staff with your own channels accommodating all attack traffic to be cleaned and fed to your servers.

We understand such needs very well, and readily offer such bespoke configurations and training to closely match your precise goals and performance requirements in DDoS Protection.

Typical Clients

Among those, who can benefit most from our on-premise protection solutions, there are three groups of clients with an online presence that stand out:

  • Government Establishments, Agencies and Enterprises (including Public Sector, Municipal and Administrative Units, Military & Defense Sector Bodies, Health Care Public Repositories, Educational facilities, etc.)
  • Large Enterprise Business (Financial Institutions, Technology & Manufacturing, Life Sciences Data Exchange Units, Scientific R&D; Divisions, Entertainment Industry, etc.)
  • Service Providers (ISP's)
What you get

The iCore DDoS Mitigation Stack is a front-line protection solution with main features as follows:

  • Cluster-based, modular solution - 1x iCore Shield Unit will ensure protection of DDoS attacks on an entire 1G uplink. Linear scalability for add-on burst and on-demand capacity. Bespoke configurations for several 1Gbps or 10 Gbps available
  • Mitigation stack can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or can be integrated with other internal security and monitoring systems
  • Solution Updates (DDoS attacks evolve constantly, so does our proprietary solution!)
  • 24/7 Availability Monitoring with custom alerts
  • Regular maintenance & round the clock support
  • Option to train your own staff to monitor and for protection filter adjustment
  • Option to use Impletec support staff to monitor and adjust filters as necessary as well as for emergency interventions and regular maintenance tasks

With our on-site solution you gain complete control and flexibility over the DDoS Attack protection process and set your own desired protection level.

Please, contact us for an in-depth assessment and quotation tailored around your specific needs.

What would the Internet look like without the web sites, which have become the single, most important means of presentation and advertising for many businesses today? Having your web site disappear from the public space could spell disaster, or at least would make one feel utterly uncomfortable and would challenge your ability to continue serving your online clients.

The DDoS assaults from cyber-criminals will damage your business in more ways than you can imagine. Proxy-shield DDoS protection comes to the rescue. It is fast to implement and guards your traffic in front of your server, so it can keep operating as normal.

When you elect to come to Impletec for DDoS Protection, it only takes a few quick changes to your DNS setup to be protected almost instantly from 99% of today’s attacks on web servers - quietly and effectively. What’s more, if the attackers decide to hit harder and change method of attack, you’re still protected under our industry-leading SLA.

As you find yourself in need of a bespoke solution that answers your special needs for protection, we listen, evaluate, consult and offer you unmatched flexibility and protection capacity, with pricing that guarantees you to get the most bang for the buck.


Outsourced DDoS protection has many advantages, some of them being:

  • No investment in expensive hardware/software, bandwidth, staff and specialized site is required
  • Provides flexibility to choose your host independently of the protection vendor
  • Is performed by professionals that do this for a living
  • Is light years ahead of any “house” solutions one may try in terms of attack protection capacity
  • Will cost you a fraction of what you stand to lose in revenue if you come under attack and are not able to serve your customers
Why us

With Impletec’s DDoS Protection Proxy Cluster-Based solutions you will be protected from volumetric and Application Layer attacks as well as attempts to abuse your network resource.

Enterprises benefit from large distributed capacities readily available in a scalable and secure fashion.

With our strategically positioned global traffic-cleaning locations, your users will have the shortest-distance access to your content with minimal lag and latency values for an unprecedented service and user-centric experience.

Partnering with us is a breeze, whether you are looking to complement your service offering or wish to enter a new market segment – we are open to collaborations that result in synergy.

With numerous flexible options designed to cater to your needs for deploying your own business model or to simply resell our services for a commission, we are certain your ideas for business expansion will come to life and will foster sustained growth and success of your business endeavors in time.