Content Delivery - CDN Map

You’re wheeling and dealing, your business is growing. That’s great and everyone is happy… until, you start getting complaints about the speed and availability of your precious content. Your server is struggling to deliver your music, videos or other streaming media, or process all visitors to your blog or e-shop. Slow delivery will harm your business.

You try and make-do with what you have in terms of IT resources, yet it turns out it’s already stretched out to the limit. You find yourself in a position when you have to start thinking of expansion so you can cater to the content-hungry constituency without losing face.

When it comes to accelerating the performance of a website, several factors go into force: where the majority of your customers are, what you’re delivering to them, what interaction needs they have, how static your content is, etc. All of these issues are addressed though a Content Delivery Network (CDN), and depending on its quality, your growth problems can be solved in a truly elegant fashion.

Impletec’s CDN offers unrivaled speed and accessibility through our global load balancing structure, designed for omnipresent, DDoS-attack-free delivery to users scattered across the globe, ensuring fast page loads, instant media playback, high transaction speed and flowing file downloads.

Content-Rich Delivery
Omnipresent Delivery
Delivery Guarantee
As a successful content service provider competing in today’s dynamic markets, you need to offer subscriber-centric content as well as services that are personal, context-aware and rich with content. Further, your content delivery method must allow your subscribers to access communication and entertainment services at any time, from any place and from any device. While these goals are easily understandable, they present substantial challenges for your business.

Today, media and service markets are global, so your operation must follow suit. In contrast to the typical scenario where you store all you digital content on one major location and make it available to everyone requesting it from that one

location, a globally distributed CDN will serve content and services to end users from the closest geographic location to them, thus cutting down access times and ensuring fastest possible media streaming or file downloading.

With strategically located mirroring facilities, assembled to ensure presence in an optimal number of exchange points including Tear 1 providers, Impletec’s CDN offers superb coverage of the world’s user pool, thus enabling you to face the challenges of global digital distribution with style and industry-leading speed and performance. Our CDN offers capacities to grow, so you don’t have to waste precious time and resource, but can concentrate on your core business.

What is more important – the quality of your streamed/downloaded content or that it gets to the recipient unmolested? Well, they’re both equally important. The first requires serious investments in a delivery structure as well as processing power and data management facilities, and the second demands capacities to deal with DDoS attacks.

The latter, sadly, are becoming easier and cheaper to orchestrate and launch, are hugely effective and can have a devastating impact on a business’ bottom line, reputation and customer satisfaction levels.

Your business should bask and grow in the sun, deploying best practices and ingenious marketing, instead of relying on brute hardware and connection redundant capacities.

To make our offering complete, Impletec have summoned all talent and skill, seamlessly working together to ensure your content gets where it’s headed, retaining it quality and delivery speed, free of DDoS attacks, free of geographic limitations, free of any additional IT overhead for your organization. Give your content to us, and we will deliver it for you. And that’s a promise.

Modern methods for content delivery (also called digital distribution, online distribution, or electronic software distribution (ESD), and others) of media content such as audio, video, software and video games require robust and reliable means to either stream or download content. Powered by the evolution of network bandwidth capabilities of 2000’s, digital distribution provides a direct, straight-forward platform to reach global audiences.

Content-rich delivery introduces and enables new successful business models, such as the Open Music Model and a few others, with platforms that often contain or act as a form of digital rights management. Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

reach far in terms of improved delivery times especially when dealing with considerable scale of traffic and globally-dispersed market saturation goals.

To ensure your endeavor comes prepared to the new challenges and opportunities contemporary content delivery provides, Impletec can offer you custom technological solutions, in a large distributed network spanning over some 25 globally located facilities. So, when you come to the point where you need a powerful partner to distribute music, video, games, TV, etc. you can rely on us to have it accessible to your end users at top industry speeds, regardless of where your clients are situated geographically.