Your Responsibility To Your Customers Is To Take Them Where They Want To Go

February 23, 2012
Chat Does this chat transcript look familiar? Users having to wait for ever to access your content?

It's like we're back in the times around the turn of the century, with ADSL speeds of 128 Kbps. Only, back then, we didn't have video sharing portals with tons of streaming media to browse through. And it's not the user's internet connection that's to blame any more…

Oddly enough, nowadays it's more a matter of how fast your content is delivered across continents, not just how good the actual content you've posted is. Speed and reliability will draw users your way, or.. make them desert in search of experience that's on a par with their expectations.

Makes you think… You've invested in good machines and storage, good uplink, good datacenter. You've spent on marketing, SEO and all the bit and bobs to let people know you're out there and serving. You've managed to get people excited and pining for what you have on offer. Your popularity grows with the abundance of sought-after content. Things are looking good!

Yet, you fail to please all in terms of availability and delivery reliability. You realize your own network poses limitations and dictates your behavior on the market, limiting your content to your country and the neighboring ones…

It doesn't have to be like this, you know. All your internet users can be equal. Regardless of where in the world they are. Without the extra investment for hardware, bandwidth and Data Center space on your part. We provide it all for you, at market rates.

What happens is that your content is literally “cloned” across our global locations, thus becoming easily, reliably and quickly available to your users. We place our Content Delivery Network (CDN) at your disposal, and as the name states we deliver your content to everyone in the world. The trick here lies in the fact that we have multiple locations to store and make your content available from the closest geographical location to your user. In practice, this means your content-hungry Australian client will access it from our Asian/Australian datacenters, instead of just dragging it out of your one location which may be all the way in Europe, for example.

Besides serving your customers from the closest location to them, CDN's have the advantage to distribute server load, so one location does not have to overheat serving all your content. That also has the effect of a very basic, entry level protection system - the flood gets balanced to multiple locations, making it harder for attackers to bring down your servers.

Where do you buy a Coca-Cola when you're thirsty? Obviously, from the nearest store… With our CDN, your customers can “Have a Coke and a Smile!”