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Learn How Your Network Can Be Your Servant, Not Your Master...
October 1, 2012
Network Engineering

When faced with driven by business needs and often inadvertently uncontrolled network growth, even large established organizations with battle-proven strategies, structures, processes and staff brings can get stuck with issues about governance and operational efficiency.

In particular, growth through internal re-structure or by merger & acquisition often incorporate major strategic, practical and cultural change. Organizations rightly spend large amounts of time and resources to conquer these challenges. However, the need to consolidate and integrate technical components is often overlooked, ignored or avoided by restructure or integration programs. As a result network spend often becomes inefficient and unaligned to actual business requirements. It is common practice that organizations carry at least 10% surplus cost within their network budgets.

In order to meet network demands, organizations often devolve greater power to local IT operations for network provisioning tasks. This devolution is based on the expectation that on-the-ground technical teams will be able to reconcile actual business requirements to network demand while remaining consistent with strategic corporate objectives. However, in reality these teams focus on local service delivery and concentrate too highly on reactive and tactical solutions in order to satisfy immediate local business demand. While service delivery is rightly at the top of the business agenda, this situation is one of the most significant causes of uncontrolled network growth. This combination of decentralized technical change management and inefficient network growth are major contributors to telecoms overspend and future maintenance costs.

These problems compound the challenge of running an internal network optimization program that achieves worthwhile in-year savings and have defeated many of the world’s largest and most successful organizations. Many internal reviews cannot tackle the complexity and deliver only recommendations which then delegate the challenge on to the agendas of disinterested parties.

The correct strategy and control processes need to be flexible enough to react to growth but also ensure that current technical capabilities match actual requirements are future proof and any unnecessary cost exposure is continually mitigated.

Can We Help? Yes, We can.

Impletec deploys several disciplines for Network Optimization managed service in order to link the eradication of network wastage to tangible in-year savings.

Impletec has found that organizations with highly distributed data networks which rely on devolved service provisioning and local capability often experience uncontrolled growth. In many cases the major cause is that reactive tactical solutions are adopted to satisfy immediately prioritized service requirements. Such network policy is often a direct cause of increased telecoms expenditure and increased service maintenance costs. Impletec has developed a proven managed service, adopting industry best-practice to enable cradle-to-grave management of Network Optimization.