October 1, 2012
How would you like to... be in control?
How Would You Like To... Be In Control?
Learn How Your Network Can Be Your Servant, Not Your Master...

When faced with driven by business needs and often inadvertently uncontrolled network growth, even large established organizations with battle-proven strategies, structures, processes and staff brings can get stuck with issues about governance and operational efficiency.

In particular, growth through internal re-structure or by merger & acquisition often incorporate major strategic, practical and cultural change. Organizations rightly spend large amounts of time and resources to conquer these challenges. However, the need to consolidate and integrate technical components is often overlooked, ignored or avoided by restructure or integration programs. As a result network spend often becomes inefficient and unaligned to actual business requirements. It is common practice that organizations carry at least 10% surplus cost within their network budgets.

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February 23, 2012
Your Responsibility To Your Customer is... To Take Them Where They Want To Go
Your Responsibility To Your Customer Is...
To Take Them Where They Want To Go

Does this chat transcript look familiar? Users having to wait for ever to access your content? It's like we're back in the times around the turn of the century, with ADSL speeds of 128 Kbps. Only, back then, we didn't have video sharing portals with tons of streaming media to browse through. And it's not the user's internet connection that's to blame any more…

Oddly enough, nowadays it's more a matter of how fast your content is delivered across continents, not just how good the actual content you've posted is. Speed and reliability will draw users your way, or.. make them desert in search of experience that's on a par with their expectations.

Makes you think… You've invested in good machines and storage, good uplink, good datacenter. You've spent on marketing, SEO and all the bit ...

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September 11, 2011
Does throwing investment away make you sick?
Does Throwing Investment Away Make You Sick?
Protect It. DDoS Attacks Can Bring Your Business To A Standstill.

What Is A DDoS Attack? This is an introduction to one of the most wide-spread and easy to achieve type of cyber attacks that no longer represents a great threat only for governments and institutions, but for any business with an online presence - the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service).The attack's goal is exactly what its name implies "Denial of Service", which is to say, it aims to interrupt your network-available service.

Methods used are brute-force and simple. The idea is to saturate resources (e.g. bandwidth, processor time, RAM, etc.) available to the targeted service. This is achieved by flooding the infrastructure with illegitimate requests. Such consumption of the available resources results in considerable service slowdown or complete suspension. Denial of Service attacks, obviously...

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March 5, 2011
What is a GPU Cluster?
What Is A GPU Cluster?
And What Is It Good For?

Computer clusters have been used since the early 1980's mainly for scientific tasks. Today, clusters are enjoying increasing popularity among businesses requiring significant computing capabilities in order to run their operations and R&D; activities. With the increasing importance of the Internet as a ubiquitous media for service and product marker presence, cluster usage is rapidly shifting its focus from pure scientific and technological environments to being deployed to facilitate and ensure uninterrupted online business presence characterized by high-availability and fast content delivery.

The desire to be able to work with more computing horsepower and to achieve heightened reliability by orchestrating a set of relatively low cost computers has given rise to a variety of architectures and configurations in cluster computing. A cluster may be a simple two-node system interconnecting just two personal computers...

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November 21, 2010
Big Data Brings Business Opportunities
Big Data Brings Business Opportunities
Leverage Big Data For Insight

“A few years ago, I would've said the value in BI overshadowed that of big data, but now I'd say the relationship is even, if not reversed. There's more outside information now that can be digitized—about user behaviors and external conditions—that can be layered on top of structured data. This type of analysis opens a window into not just what happened and why, but it also helps you see what's possible.”

—Guy Chiarello, JPMorgan Chase"

What is big data?

According to a recent report by the Leadership Council for Information Advantage (a CIO advisory group of global leaders), Big data “is not a precise term; rather it's a characterization of the never-ending accumulation of all kinds of data, most of it...”

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