How would you like to be in control?
How would you like to...
be in control?
Learn how your network can be your servant, not your master...
Your responsibility to your customer is... to take them where they want to go.
Your responsibility to your customer is...
to take them where they want to go.
Does throwing investment away make you sick?
Does throwing investment away make you sick?
Protect it. DDoS attacks can bring your business to a standstill.
What is a GPU Cluster?
What is a
GPU Cluster?
And what is it good for?
Big Data brings business opportunities
Big Data brings business opportunities
Leverage Big Data for insight
Core competence areas:
High-load Solutions
Content Delivery
DDoS Attack Protection
As the name states, we’re ready and able to take the load off you. Your own resource may prove too valuable to spend on hardware and networking. Your focus should stay on what you do best and leave the hard work to us. This is what we do best. We possess the infrastructure, the hardware, the knowhow, the human talent, qualifications and capability to manage the processes that require high-load and computer-intensive powered solutions.
Each client gets the royal treatment. Tailored design, controlled implementation and unsurpassed maintenance ensure optimal time and resource utilization, so you end up with a top-notch platform for your vital applications. Impletec will save you precious resource when most needed. We eat Big Data for breakfast, juggle computer clusters with joy and administer critical server applications with the ease of riding a bike in the park.
In the last few years, we are witnessing a boom in the emergence and proliferation of video and music sharing services, live streaming online channels, on-demand TV provision, content-rich social and blog websites, etc. that have rendered standard delivery methods obsolete. Contemporary online presence drives data requirements for network speed and availability to new, substantially higher levels. Networks must follow suit and evolve in order to adequately handle the increase in size and volume that streaming of media, file download, or just sheer amount of connections has placed.
With content delivery networks (CDN), content-rich websites and services are attended to by groups of servers dispersed at several physical sites, interlinked and functioning together, providing content through multiple machines instead of a single one. Thus, a copy of the original data is available to the requesting party from the server that is geographically closest, instead of making all clients go through one central server, regardless of their global location. Utilization of a CDN ensure a more reliable, less expensive and overall improved experience with content-rich online digital delivery.
The threat of becoming a victim of Distributed Denial of Service attacks is gaining alarming momentum as of late. With assaults constantly getting cheaper and easier to orchestrate, the focus of the ill-doers is shifting from highly prominent and affluent public and large private sector entities to smaller targets. Today, a criminal can bring your site to a standstill for as little as $5-8 per hour, whereas the financial implications of being forced offline can cost the victim immeasurably more in revenue loss and reputation damage.
Impletec has experience that sits slightly north of 10 years and proprietary knowhow to deal with the DDoS plague. Your investment in your good name and sought-after merchandise or content must be protected to a level where you can just operate. Business-as-usual. And it can be – we will analyze your situation, previous attack history and patterns. Based on industry-related risk data and potential for growth, we shall offer a tailor-made protection plan that will ensure your uptime and keep criminals out of range.